Zara Larsson ’1′ Album


Zara Larsson’s ’1′ album is the debut from the up-and-coming Swedish singer. The Universal / Epic artist’s project, which includes the lead single ‘Carry You Home’, is now scheduled to be released on September 24th.

The project also features ‘Bad Boys’, ‘She’s Not Me, Pt. 1 & 2′, and the forthcoming second release, ‘Rooftop’.

This follows the 2008 Talang (Sweden’s version of ‘America’s Got Talent’)winner’s’Introducing’ and ‘Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself’ EP’s, both of which arrived last year. Her previous version of ‘Uncover’ hit No. 1 in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway and ‘Introducing’ has been certified triple platinum in her home country.

Now the sixteen-year-old is ready to treat her fans to her first full-length project. Below see the song titles and previews and stay tuned for the official link for ’1′.

  1. Skippin a Beat
  2. Wanna Be Your Baby
  3. Rooftop
  4. Never Gonna Die
  5. Carry You Home
  6. Can’t Hold Back
  7. Weak Heart
  8. If I Was Your Girl
  9. Secret
  10. Endless
  11. Still In My Bed
  12. Uncover (2014 Edit)
  13. Bad Boys
  14. She’s Not Me, Pt. 1 & 2