Brad Paisley ‘Moonshine In The Trunk’ Album


Brad Paisley’s ‘Moonshine In The Trunk’ album is the tenth studio¬†release¬†from the country star. The Arista artist’s project, which includes the lead single, ‘River Bank’, co-written by Kelley Lovelace and co-produced by Luke Wooten, is scheduled to hit shelves on August 25th.

The first track was debuted live at the 2014 ACM Awards on April 6th and the official video premiered the following month.

The project also includes ‘Perfect Storm’ and ‘Crushin It’. Fans will receive all three cuts after pre-ordering, which they can do beginning today.

This is preceded by his ninth release, ‘Wheelhouse’, which arrived in April 2013. The No. 2 release includes the controversial ‘Accidental Tacist’ featuring LL Cool J, ‘Southern Comfort Zone’, The Mona Lisa’, and collaborations with Dierks Bentley, Roger Miller, Hunter Hayes, Mat Kearney, Charlie Daniels, Eric Idle, and more.

See the song titles, previews, and the official link below:

  1. Crushin’ It
  2. River Bank
  3. Perfect Storm
  4. High Life
  5. Moonshine In The Trunk
  6. Shattered Glass
  7. Limes
  8. You Shouldn’t Have To
  9. 4WP
  10. Cover Girl
  11. Gone Green
  12. JFK 1962
  13. American Flag On The Moon
  14. Country Nation
  15. Me and Jesus [Bonus]

Official Link