Passenger ‘Whispers’ Album


‘Whispers’ is Passenger’s fourth studio album. The release date for ‘Whispers’, the British folk-rock artist’s follow-up to ‘All the Little Lights’, is scheduled for next week, June 9th.

The LP features the lead single, ‘Heart’s On Fire’, which was released back in April. Other tracks from the project include ‘Rolling Stone’ and the title track.

His third record dropped back in 2012 via Black Crow and includes the hit single, ‘Let Her Go’, as well as ‘Holes’,

See the full tracklisting, previews, and official download link below:

  1. Coins in a Fountain
  2. 27
  3. Heart’s On Fire
  4. Bullets
  5. Golden Leaves
  6. Thunder
  7. Rolling Stone
  8. Start a Fire
  9. Whispers
  10. Riding to New York
  11. Scare Away The Dark
  12. Heart’s On Fire [Acoustic] (Deluxe)
  13. Coins in a Fountain [Acoustic] (Deluxe)
  14. Riding to New York [Acoustic] (Deluxe)
  15. Start a Fire [Acoustic] (Deluxe)
  16. Golden Leaves [Acoustic] (Deluxe)
  17. Rolling Stone  [Acoustic] (Deluxe)
  18. Whispers [Acoustic] (Deluxe)

Scare Away The Dark Video Added 6.10.14

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