MaSe ‘Billboard’ ft. Kanye West, Rick Ross


‘Billboard’ is MaSe’s upcoming single featuring Kanye West and Rick Ross. ‘Billboard’ is will live on the ‘Harlem World’ rapper’s fourth album, ‘Now We Even’, that is expected to hit stores during the first week of October (Tuesday October 2nd perhaps).

He spoke with Hot 107.9 in Atlanta about the track, the LP, and more (video below).

‘Now We Even’ follows his Gold comeback album, ‘Welcome Back’, from 2004. His third record includes the title track with John Sebastian, ‘Breath, Stretch, Shake’ featuring Diddy, ‘Keep It On’ with Ciara, the 112-assisted ‘The Love You Need’ and more.

Stay tuned for the CDQ dirty full song and official download link when it arrives.