Alt-J ‘This Is All Yours’ Album


Alt-J’s ‘This Is All Yours’ album is their second full-length release. The release date for ‘This Is All Yours’, the British indie rock band’s sophomore LP, has been slated for September 22nd, the same day that they will embark on a tour across Europe and North America.

The project follows their critically-acclaimed debut, ‘An Awesome Wave’, which was awarded the British Mercury Prize and nominated for three BRIT Awards (Breakthrough Act, Album of the Year, and Group of the Year. The 2012 release features the successful singles, ‘Breezeblocks’, ‘Tessellate’, and ‘Something Good’.

See the song titiles and official link below as we await the more previews and more details.

  1. Intro
  2. Arrival In Nara
  3. Nara
  4. Every Other Freckle
  5. Left Hand Free
  6. Garden Of England
  7. Choice Kingdom
  8. Hunger Of The Pine
  9. Warm Foothills
  10. The Gospel Of John Hurt
  11. Pusher
  12. Bloodflood pt. II
  13. Leaving Nara

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‘Every Other Freckle’ Videos Added 9.4.14

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