Pixie Lott ‘Lay Me Down’ + EP


‘Lay Me Down’ a single from Pixie Lott’s third album, ‘Pixie Lott’ (as well as the title of her forthcoming EP). The British singer’s upcoming LP, which features ‘Nasty’ that was co-written by renowned singer-songwriter, Claude Kelly, is scheduled to hit stores on August 4th.

The record, which also includes previous releases, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Heart Cry’, is preceded by her sophomore release, ‘Young Foolish Happy’. The 2011 project features ‘All About Tonight’ — a No. 1 single on the United Kingdom chart, in addition to ‘Kiss The Stars’ and ‘What Do You Take Me For?’.

Stay tuned for the CDQ full song and official download link when it premieres sometime in July, along with three other songs on an extended play. See the full tracklisting below:

  1. Lay Me Down
  2. I Only Want to Be With You
  3. Cry Baby
  4. Champion (Live from The Pool)

While we wait…

Added 6.6.14

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