Alex Clare ‘Three Hearts’ Album


‘Three Hearts’ is Alex Clare’s sophomore album. The release date for the LP, which includes the lead single ‘War Rages On’, is scheduled for July 21st.

The English singer-songwriter’s project also features ‘Just a Man’, which premiered recently, and thirteen total tracks.

This record is preceded by his 2011 debut, ‘The Lateness of the Hour’, that boasts his hit, ‘Too Close’, in addition to ‘Hummingbird’, ‘Treading Water’, ‘Up All Night’, and more.

He uploaded the official video trailer for ‘War Rages On’ last week (it will be released in full on July 14th) and ‘Just a Man’ hit iTunes yesterday.

See the full tracklisting, previews, and the official download link below:

  1. Never Let You Go
  2. Three Hearts
  3. Take You Back
  4. Heavy Hands
  5. Just a Man
  6. The Story
  7. Not in Vain
  8. Sparks
  9. War Rages On
  10. Unconditional
  11. So Deep
  12. Holding On
  13. Addicted To Love

Official Link